Earlier this week, I decided to try Chicken Salad Chick for the first time. I had heard mixed reviews so I didn’t really know what to expect. The menu is extensive and has every kind of chicken salad you could imagine. They also have a decent amount of different soups and salads you can choose from. This is the perfect restaurant to go to if you want fast food prices, but a nice, clean, sit-down atmosphere. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich and a side of potato soup. The regular chicken salad, dubbed “Classic Carol,” is delicious, and I had it served on a croissant, and it was easily the best sandwich I’ve gotten in the city of Tuscaloosa in a while. The soup wasn’t anything special, but it was a perfect side for the sandwich and makes this the perfect meal for fall weather. The restaurant is conveniently placed in Midtown Village, next to Kobe and Iguana Grill, and makes it a great place to meet up with friends for a quick lunch or dinner. The service was great and fast, and all the staff were incredibly friendly. However, it is not a good place if you want a lot of options, as chicken salad is really your only choice. All in all, this is a great Tuscaloosa restaurant for college students who want to save money, but also have a great meal in a comfortable atmosphere.

Matthew Steinberg is a Senior at the University of Alabama studying Advertising with a minor in Computer Science. Matthew was born and raised in New Jersey, and decided to attend The University of Alabama during his Senior year of High School. Matthew is passionate about cars, music and technology. He recently picked up the hobby of DJing, and has been playing at local venues in Tuscaloosa. Matthew enjoys spending his free time with friends and exploring the nightlife and dining scene of the city of Tuscaloosa. Matthew is excited to start his career in Advertising, and is looking forward to the bright future ahead.