In the four years that I have been attending the University of Alabama, I have seen the city of Tuscaloosa rapidly expand. Being as big of a college town as it is, the nightlife and bar scene can be just as difficult as trying to learn a year’s worth of work the day before an exam. Tuscaloosa, Alabama has a bar for every type of person. If you’re looking for more of a big city nightclub, with live DJ’s and strobe lights everywhere, Rounders is the place to be. If the nightclub vibe isn’t your thing and you seek a more traditional bar feel, then The Houndstooth is your place to be. What if you don’t feel like going to the nightclub, and maybe it’s the end of the month and you can’t afford $10 cocktail? This is the predicament I found myself in last year when I discovered High Tide Bar, located just off the strip, next to Rounders and Houndstooth. At first glance, it can seem like a bit of a hole in the wall, but I figured why not try it out? I went in on a Tuesday night not knowing what to expect. It was not too crowded, but also not completely deserted. The specials for the night were clearly visible and fairly priced. The bartender was incredibly friendly and checked up on me several times throughout the evening. The specials almost always include $8 dollar Fishbowls, $5 dollar double wells, and $2 beers, so any night at High Tide will be an inexpensive night out. But there is more to High Tide than just its quaint feel and cheap drinks. The staff is all incredibly friendly and make great recommendations. They also offer a pong tournament every Tuesday night with a cash prize, usually a $50 or $100 dollar bar tab. Unlike many other places in Tuscaloosa, there is typically not a cover. On any given weekend at any Tuscaloosa bar, the cover can get up to $50, and up to $20 dollars on a weeknight. In short, I feel High Tide to be one of the most under-appreciated gems in the Tuscaloosa Bar Scene.

Matthew Steinberg is a Senior at the University of Alabama studying Advertising with a minor in Computer Science. Matthew was born and raised in New Jersey, and decided to attend The University of Alabama during his Senior year of High School. Matthew is passionate about cars, music and technology. He recently picked up the hobby of DJing, and has been playing at local venues in Tuscaloosa. Matthew enjoys spending his free time with friends and exploring the nightlife and dining scene of the city of Tuscaloosa. Matthew is excited to start his career in Advertising, and is looking forward to the bright future ahead.