Amy Grinstead started as the kitchen manager at Christ Episcopal Church and was asked to help out at the Community Soup Bowl one day about thirteen years ago and has been helping out ever since. She is now the executive director of Community Soup Bowl.

Tuscaloosa’s Community Soup Bowl has been operating for over thirty years and is open seven days a week serving hot lunches to the hungry. It started in a church kitchen where the food was prepared and then transported to a house a few blocks away. It has grown significantly over the past thirty years. In 1998, Community Soup Bowl was able to get its own building with a kitchen that they have been operating out of ever since. On average they serve 284 people a day. Community Soup Bowl relies on donations and volunteers. Volunteer work includes serving lunch, washing dishes, and cutting grass. Donations may be made by bringing in canned goods, by sending a check to P.O. Box 2277, Tuscaloosa, AL 35403, or by visiting the PayPal link on their website, Donations are tax deductible.

Amy says that each day is different and presents a new challenge but she no longer worries about the future because of her faith in God. Amy is doing such wonderful, fulfilling work, helping those who need it the most. She says that one of the most fulfilling aspects of her work is seeing people get back on their feet from whatever hardships they have been experiencing.

Everyone at Community Soup Bowl was so kind to me ever since I stepped foot in the door. Those waiting to receive food showed me around, and the volunteers, although busy, were all very kind and had a smile on their face. Community Soup Bowl is located 1711 23rd Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35403. If you are looking for volunteer hours for school or just want to help your community, Community Soup Bowl is a rewarding opportunity to do just that.

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