This week for dinner I decided to sit down and try Baumhowers Victory Grill, a famous restaurant that got its start in Tuscaloosa. I went on a Wednesday night and truthfully the restaurant was kind of dead, which was surprising to me as they recently reopened after being closed for renovations. However, I am not complaining because we were seated quickly and the staff was very friendly. After looking over the menu, which features a large selection, I decided to start off with an appetizer. Immediately the Gooey Fries caught my eye. Its a platter of curly fries served under a layer of queso blanco and finished off with a layer of bacon. Delicious, right? By the time my entree came out, I was so filled from the fries I wasn’t even hungry. For the main course I settled on the black and white chicken, which is simply a chicken breast that is blackened and seasoned and served with their in house made white barbecue sauce. I was mostly disappointed. The side of broccoli it is served with was so over seasoned and full of pepper I couldn’t even finish it. And the star of the dish the chicken suffered from a similar fate, once again it just had so much seasoning on it that once you add the sauce it’s supposed to be eaten with it’s just kind of a mess. Plus it wasn’t exactly the prettiest looking dish and came out on this massive plate for just a small chicken breast a couple pieces of broccoli and some wild rice. It was definitely not the worst thing I had ever eaten, however, I just feel they went a little overboard with the seasoning. Baumhowers is a great sports bar to grab some friends and a beer and catch a game. But be aware the food not really all that special in my opinion.

Matthew Steinberg is a Senior at the University of Alabama studying Advertising with a minor in Computer Science. Matthew was born and raised in New Jersey, and decided to attend The University of Alabama during his Senior year of High School. Matthew is passionate about cars, music and technology. He recently picked up the hobby of DJing, and has been playing at local venues in Tuscaloosa. Matthew enjoys spending his free time with friends and exploring the nightlife and dining scene of the city of Tuscaloosa. Matthew is excited to start his career in Advertising, and is looking forward to the bright future ahead.