John Morgan Harrison is a student at The University of Alabama and a fellow with the Creative Campus program. John is majoring in design through the University’s New College, will be getting his MBA through the creative path with New College, and minoring in mechanical engineering. John creates sculptures, drawings, and photos; he likes to bring what he has learned from mechanical engineering into his artwork.

John became involved with Creative Campus when his 3D design professor introduced it to him his freshman year and then later recommended him to be a fellow in the program. He is now an art production fellow. Previously, a student had to be recommended by a professor, but the program has made a few changes recently allowing all interested students to apply. Creative Campus is a program through the University of Alabama. Creative Campus holds events such as the one they put on today called “Re:Create”.  The event was open to the entire University community and was organized to bring the community together through the use of art. The idea behind the “Re:Create” event was to take things that would be considered garbage, unused items that were left behind at old buildings, or whatever people brought from home and give it new life through art. Creative Campus holds a gallery show at the end of the school year showcasing what has been created by the students throughout the year. Creative Campus has access to cutting-edge equipment such as lasers and projectors that they allow students to use to help create their art.

For students of the University of Alabama, Creative Campus would be a great way to build up extracurriculars or to have fun making art. Creative Campus is an understated program at The University of Alabama and I am glad to have discovered it.

Erin is an intern for OnTuscaloosaa, an aspiring photographer looking forward to creating her own photography business, and she is selling her art on Etsy, Erin has always been passionate about photography and has just recently decided to make a career out of her passion. She is a sophomore at The University of Alabama and is looking forward to building her own degree in photography. Erin is also passionate about law. She is hoping to peruse her master’s degree in law after receiving her bachelor’s degree in photography. For now, Erin is looking forward to meeting and getting to know the inspiring people and small business owners in the Tuscaloosa area.