Madison Bedwell is a local artist who focuses his paintings on making the observer ask themselves questions such as why they believe what they do. He wants his art to make people think and to inspire people.

Madison grew up in Tuscaloosa and started drawing at age 10; when he was 15 he started painting. He went to college for his degree in art, but found that he was not getting the help he wanted from the program. So he quit school and decided to teach himself. “One of the best ways to teach yourself,” he says, “is by experimenting with different mediums, subjects, and styles.” One technique he has tried experimenting with is abstract painting. He found it very difficult because he says that when painting, there must be a reason for the painting. If there is no passion or reason for the painting, then it is pointless and will not be good. Madison says abstract is attempted often but seldom executed well because there is no motivation or reason behind the painting. Madison says that teaching yourself art is probably the best way to learn it.

Madison’s favorite thing to draw and paint are figures. One of his favorite series of paintings that he has completed is his Angels and Demons collection. His biggest inspiration for his paintings is religion and this series really encapsulates it. He is currently working on a series of pieces called the Perfection of Man. The inspiration behind these pieces is the idea of people holding others back or think that they are above others based on biases. Madison is putting his frustrations with the world and its people into art.


Madison’s art can be viewed on his Instagram account: Madison_b_bedwell. To contact him to do a commissioned piece you can get in touch with him through e-mail:

Erin is an intern for OnTuscaloosaa, an aspiring photographer looking forward to creating her own photography business, and she is selling her art on Etsy, Erin has always been passionate about photography and has just recently decided to make a career out of her passion. She is a sophomore at The University of Alabama and is looking forward to building her own degree in photography. Erin is also passionate about law. She is hoping to peruse her master’s degree in law after receiving her bachelor’s degree in photography. For now, Erin is looking forward to meeting and getting to know the inspiring people and small business owners in the Tuscaloosa area.