Scarlet Vanmeter has many roles to play on the day to day and appears to be pulling it off flawlessly; from participating in ROTC, working on the Crimson White, to having a job as a teacher’s assistant. It probably wouldn’t be easy living a day in her shoes, but it sure is inspiring seeing her juggle all of her responsibilities.

Scarlet is a sophomore attending the University of Alabama and is majoring in business management with a specialization in entrepreneurship. She hopes to apply what she has learned from the business school, such as logistics, to her future job in the Army. She is currently a Sergeant First Class in the ROTC program through the University. Thanks to ROTC and her ACT score, most of her tuition has already been paid.

Although she has her tough logistical side, Scarlet is also creative and artistic and expresses herself through photography. She has turned her passion into extracurricular activities like taking pictures for the University newspaper, The Crimson White. She also stumbled upon the responsibility of taking pictures of the ROTC color guard at the University’s sporting events. She is currently making a video for the ROTC’s social gathering and is responsible for the pictures featured in ROTC’s newsletters. If you’re interested in viewing some of Scarlet’s art you can visit her Instagram at scarletsnapshots.

Scarlet works as the teacher’s assistant in an art class, Art for Life’s Sake. She loves the job and has been working as the teacher’s assistant for this class since her second semester of her freshman year and hopes to continue being the assistant for the class as long as she can.


Scarlet Vanmeter is an inspiring person to meet. The more I continued to learn about her and her life the more amazed I was with how much she has going on and how she managed to already have her life planned out and juggling all her extracurricular activities. She is definitely the kind of person I am proud to see serve our country.

Erin is an intern for OnTuscaloosaa, an aspiring photographer looking forward to creating her own photography business, and she is selling her art on Etsy, Erin has always been passionate about photography and has just recently decided to make a career out of her passion. She is a sophomore at The University of Alabama and is looking forward to building her own degree in photography. Erin is also passionate about law. She is hoping to peruse her master’s degree in law after receiving her bachelor’s degree in photography. For now, Erin is looking forward to meeting and getting to know the inspiring people and small business owners in the Tuscaloosa area.