Julia Gale

Julia Gale is a model student and someone to basically strive to be, at least in my opinion. Gale is already a junior in college at the age of nineteen; not only that, but they also holds leadership in a campus group. They is a full-time student at The University of Alabama and is the treasurer of Spectrum.


Gale started at the University of Alabama their first year as a sophomore. They got involved in clubs as most students do. One that really impacted them was Spectrum, a LGBTQ+ club/ UA community resource. Julia was elected to be the treasurer of Spectrum during spring of 2017. Julia has learned how much work truly goes into helping run a club that hosts meetings and events, such as panels and workshops, and most recently, a Halloween themed dance. Spectrum collaborates with Druid City Pride on events as well. “Being in a progressive group can be difficult at times”, they said, “especially in the south. It can be somewhat scary being in a leadership position in a LGBTQ+ club.” With so many people not being in full support of the LGBTQ+ community it easy to see why Julia is concerned.

Julia likes to help people and that is why they are becoming an accountant. A career as an accountant may not be as heroic as that of a doctor, but accountants are the unsung heroes to small business owners. Accountants solve basic math problems and follow rules, but that is no simple task. Julia says she enjoys doing the simple math and solving the problems. Julia is also pursuing a minor in computer science because they enjoy coding and has been doing so since middle school.

Julia is a wonderful person working hard on getting their degree as well as being in a leadership position in Spectrum. Julia has a only a few more years until people will get to see them as Julia Gale, CPA.

Erin is an intern for OnTuscaloosaa, an aspiring photographer looking forward to creating her own photography business, and she is selling her art on Etsy, etsy.com/shop/erinsphotogallery. Erin has always been passionate about photography and has just recently decided to make a career out of her passion. She is a sophomore at The University of Alabama and is looking forward to building her own degree in photography. Erin is also passionate about law. She is hoping to peruse her master’s degree in law after receiving her bachelor’s degree in photography. For now, Erin is looking forward to meeting and getting to know the inspiring people and small business owners in the Tuscaloosa area.