Master Kim is a master in both Korean swordsmanship and martial arts and has been teaching the arts for fifteen years. He grew up in South Korea, where he became interested in martial arts at the age of fourteen. After discovering his new passion for martial arts, he found a master to train under. At age twenty-five, Master Kim developed an interest in the ancient art of Korean swordsmanship.

When Master Kim was training under his master, he was taught that some of the most important skills you can have are the ability to control your mind and the ability to maintain a good attitude. If you cannot control your mind you cannot have good technique. He says that learning swordsmanship and martial arts is easily done with concentration. He continues to learn even as a teacher. He learned to respect all people even if it is not possible to see eye to eye with them. He does not hate people, but instead their actions. Master Kim finds it important to respect everyone despite the circumstances.

Master Kim likes swordsmanship because he says that the sword is more than just a weapon, and that it has a soul. In this day in age with all the shootings and catastrophes caused with the aid of a gun, a sword almost seems gentle. There is no sparring, only swordsmanship. His students begin with a wooden sword and when they are ready, they begin to use a 100 centimeter long flexible metal sword.

Master Kim trusts in God, for himself, others, and the entire country. Master Kim tries to help others however he can whether it is simply praying for them or teaching them a new skill. Master Kim is especially interested in helping the next generation, knowing that they are the future and that they will be in charge of what is to come.

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