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Scarlet Vanmeter

January 12th, 2018

Scarlet Vanmeter has many roles to play on the day to day and appears to be pulling it off flawlessly; from participating in ROTC, working on the Crimson White, to having a job as a teacher’s assistant. It probably wouldn’t be easy living a day in her shoes, but it sure is inspiring seeing her juggle all of her responsibilities. Scarlet is a sophomore attending the University of Alabama and is majoring in business management with a specialization in entrepreneurship. She hopes to apply what she has learned from the business school, such as logistics, to her future job in the Army. She is currently... Read More

Julia Gale

November 10th, 2017

  Julia Gale is a model student and someone to basically strive to be, at least in my opinion. Gale is already a junior in college at the age of nineteen; not only that, but they also holds leadership in a campus group. They is a full-time student at The University of Alabama and is the treasurer of Spectrum.   Gale started at the University of Alabama their first year as a sophomore. They got involved in clubs as most students do. One that really impacted them was Spectrum, a LGBTQ+ club/ UA community resource. Julia was elected to be the treasurer of Spectrum during spring of 2017.... Read More

Baumhowers or Bust

November 9th, 2017

This week for dinner I decided to sit down and try Baumhowers Victory Grill, a famous restaurant that got its start in Tuscaloosa. I went on a Wednesday night and truthfully the restaurant was kind of dead, which was surprising to me as they recently reopened after being closed for renovations. However, I am not complaining because we were seated quickly and the staff was very friendly. After looking over the menu, which features a large selection, I decided to start off with an appetizer. Immediately the Gooey Fries caught my eye. Its a platter of curly fries served under a layer of queso blanco... Read More